“2015: Selena’s Estate Sues Label Over Digital Royalties” – In Representation of the Estate of Selena
“2015: Where Hope Grows’ and more” – A Feature Film Production produced by Simran Singh

Hollywood Reporter

“2014: Evan Rachel Wood Sued for $30 Million Over Breach of Contract” – In Representation of the producers of “10 Things I Hate About Life”
“2014: Supplement Co.’s $2M Suit Says Marketer Stole Trade Secrets” – In Representation of Plaintiff
“2014: YOUNG MONEY Sued By Teen Group YOU CAN’T JUST DUMP US … PAY UP” – In Representation of Polo Molina and Grassroots Productions
2014: Stafford Brothers ‘sued for $140,000 after trashing the LA rental pad where they filmed ‘Hello’ music video’… featuring a KANGAROO – In Representation of the Stafford Brothers
2014: ‘CASH MONEY’ DJ GROUP SUED YOUR KANGAROO RUINED OUR HOUSE! – In Representation of the Stafford Brothers

Courthouse News Service

2013: $750,000 Beef Over Talent in Hollywood – In Representation of Haqq Islam and Entertainment Business Education.

Entertainment Law Digest

“2013: $3 Million Dispute With Latin Pop Star” – In Representation of Luny Tunes

Courthouse News Service

2013: Courthouse News Service – In Representation of Joan Sebastian